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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 9, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PST

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it is wednesday and you're watching "right this minute." police make one of the creepiest discoveries ever. what looks like a house full of dolls leads to the twisted double life of a grave robber. >> creepy as heck. >> you've heard the saying what goes around comes around. a man stops to help a stranded driver and suddenly he's the one that needs help. hear the unbelievable turn of events. coach joe paterno faces the fans. and you can hear a pin drop when he finally speaks his mind. and a woman's legs grow
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gigantic. >> oh! >> see the rare medical condition that amazing even doctors. we begin today's show with a really strange story that both nick and i found today. nick, i'm going to let you start with this one. i know we've both been sitting with our mouths agait as we read this. >> it is the most morbid and ma could be thing i think that's been on the show yet. look at this video coming out of where else, russia. >> russia. >> this is police video of an apartment. he seems to be a bit of a hoarder. look around this apartment, there's all kinds of stuff. what looks to be dolls all over his home. see, there's a doll right there. but what that really is, is an embalmed body. the man, 45 years old, has been grave robbing cemeteries around
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the area. he has 29 dead people in his home, dressed still, like dolls, propped up around the house. mind blowing. he is a prominent historian in the neighborhood. people know him very well. he's a linguistics expert. >> he speaks 13 languages and is known to be an expert on, get this, grave sites in the area. >> he stole these bodies? >> yeah. >> what are we seeing here? does he have the bodies wrapped in something? >> real bodies that are still dressed. there's the legs of a body. >> he did wrap some of the faces in cloth to kind of hide some of the decomposition that had happened. he became fascinated with the dead at the age of 12, where reportedly he went to a funeral of an 11-year-old girl and someone made him kiss the face of this dead 11-year-old and this is where the fascination
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with death began for this man. >> what? >> you can't write this stuff. >> for some reason, i am oddly and madly fascinated by this. i want to know more. >> creepy as heck. >> you think. this one is like the next year's halloween story. i want to show you guys this crazy video that i found on the herald sun. it shows some very intense toe to toe action. this woman holding a huge knife enters this supermarket in melbourne, australia, trying to take money from the clerk. >> oh. >> look, that is a big knife. >> he spent no time trying to figure out what he was going to do. he saw a knife and immediately reached for it. look, no time. bumping against shelves, knocking things over, struggling. they finally make it outside of the store. the clerk manages to take the
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knife away from her. she takes off running. he comes back in, closes the doors behind him. suffers only minor cuts on his hands. >> looked like in the beginning they were like dancing, didn't it? ♪ this might have been her first time, guys. she was like, i got this knife. >> came out like this. i've got a knife. her face looks confused. she still looks confused. >> what did she think she was going to do? >> rob and get some money. >> this is like the worst criminal ever. >> you've heard the saying what goes around comes around. this story is proof that saying is true. i want to warn you this video is a little difficult to watch because of the nature of what's happening. victor geesbrek stopped on the side of the road on i-94 in wisconsin to help two women change a flat tire. shortly after he was done changing the flat tire, he got
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back his car and he started to have a heart attack. the two women whom he had just helped change their tire, helped him. because of quick response, this man's life was saved. >> this video is from the dash cam of one of the state troopers who came to mr. geesbrek's aid. >> i helped the trooper pull the gentleman out of the car and i assisted in cpr. i just let training take over and hopefully everything worked out for the positive. >> the pressure that you put on this man's body and the way that it moves his chest cavity, i mean it's difficult to watch but it's incredible because they got his heart going again. >> i couldn't tell you how many minutes it was. it seemed like forever at the time, but honestly i don't know. it was to feel a faint heart beat. >> my may not have turned out as happily as it did had he not stopped to help them change the flat tire. >> if cpr wasn't started then, the outcome might have been
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difference. >> you feel a slight pulse. >> i feel a pulse. to pump up their buddies for the big army/air force game, some air force cadets made a little video poking a little phone at the lmfao video of "i'm sexy and i know it." ♪ ♪ i ain't afraid to show it show it show it ♪ >> all right. >> there are all kinds of apps all over this video, let me tell you. >>. ♪ sexy and i know it ♪ >> we have allijah and andy and randy via skype. i saw you won the game, 24-14. >> yeah! >> so why was the video banned? >> what they said was, that we, i guess, were out of uniform in front of the chapel. our squadron commander liked it so he sent it in an e-mail to
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everybody and everyone saw it anyways. i guess that was cool. >> they also said we were stripping in uniform and they didn't like that. >> you guys worked. >> debatable. debatable. >> where did you get those psychedelic shorts? >> some my brother gave me one time. he actually was at the naval academy and wore them and he was like here, i'm giving these to you. they, i guess, came to use. >> who has better abs, the u.s. air force or the army? >> that's easy question. i mean -- watch the video. there's a storm of historic proportions headed towards nome, alaska. alaskans can deal with storms. they shrug winter storms off like it's no big deal. this one they're paying attention to because weather officials are saying they could see 30 foot waves.
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they're very concerned about this storm moving in right now. here's video we found on youtube from user hassmokes99835. >> by the beach to give you a sneak peek of the beginning of the storm. >> this is what the seas look like and what the wind sounded like around 10:00 a.m. >> pretty windy out here already. >> it's not bad yet, right. >> this video isn't too crazy, doesn't seem too terrible. >> rough looking waters. a few hours later, he goes back outside around 2:00 in the afternoon. >> the storm is increasing at a rapid rate. >> you can hear the wind already starting to pick up. >> even by his voice. i mean he's raising his voice now because he's trying to shout over the wind. >> it gets worse. >> it gets worse? >> in just a few hours, you can't hear a thing. >> in that first video i thought the water was rough but now it is like rolling. >> and the haensn't made
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landfall. they're worried the waves could swamp homes and villages. ice floes could cause sea levels to rise ten feet. >> you heard him say at the beginning of the video the biggest storm since 1974. >> they have not seen something like this in years. we've seen flash mob proposals, but this one brings beth to tears. >> her favorite song and you got the choir involved. >> see why it's oh so sweet. >> beth and steven are freaked out by robots and i don't get it. >> then they get mad and want to take over the planet. >> beth, you are crazy. it's not going to take over the planet but it can do some pretty cool things. >> pretty flow, pretty standard. don't see anything weird about this. >> until, someone gets stuck.
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t so don't
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get all freaked out on me. this robot has been around for years, debuted in 2000. this is its latest iteration. the thing can run up to five and a half miles an hour, it can hop on one leg, it can balance on uneven surfaces. >> it can also probably karate chop you or punch you in the junk. >> this looks like something that would be helpful for somebody disabled or need somebody in the home. >> they get mad and want to take over the planet and they're like, you know what, i'm not going to help you wash dishes anymore. i'm going to strangle you, take on your skin. >> going to
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♪ >> adam enlisted his 25 person choir to be in on this proposal. i don't know how they managed to pull it off but they did. she was completely surprised. when she said yes, the song -- >> beth, it's not you getting engaged. this is a stranger. you don't know this person. >> oh, my goodness. you are in tears. >> she was so moved. picked her favorite song and got his choir involved and they all learned the music and they -- >> you don't know these people. >> i know, but i love this guy for doing this. [ applause ] we've seen all kinds of video of the floods across asia and indonesia and china. in japan, they have a pretty remarkable system in place to
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pump floodwaters and it's become a huge tourist attraction. look at these photos. they're from the metropolitan area outer underground discharge channel, also known as g-can or the underground temple. this is to protect tokyo, located north of tokyo in kusakabi, jaen. >> the city starts get flooded and overrun with rain water. this thing kicks in and throws it back out. >> that's exactly what it is. this is a nearly four-mile structure that is 50 meters beneath the surface of the ground. it's five concrete silos, a large water tank and 59 pillars that are connected to a number of pumps. and these pumps can pump 200 tons of water per second. >> imagine the manpower and the
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man hours that went into making that. >> they started building it in 1992. >> it looks spooky, like something from a video game. that's weird. >> you know what would make it creepier, spider webbs. >> robots. >> don't go there. >> this is where all the robots will come hide when they amass their army and then boom, watch out, steven. >> don't get me started on that. hedge hog bath time. ♪ it's that time of the show to tell you about what we'll share with you tomorrow on "right this minute." it's a story of a family that stays together because they fly together. no one is left out, especially
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this guy. brodie. tomorrow on rtm, brodie the flying dog. you got to see it. it is a favorite story around here and you can share it with your friends at everybody's been through a bad breakup. >> they're not that easy. >> no. >> don't worry. we've got some breakup tips coming your way. >> i wanted to give those ideas out to people. >> and you ever wish you could rate a celebrity's closet? coming up, we'll show you how you can.
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♪ a baby penguin was unveiled this week at the adventure park in japan. >> he looks like a stuffed animal. doesn't look real. >> they feed him five times a day and they put it in a feeding tube. >> oh. >> they hatch their eggs in antarctica and they were able to simulate that and breed. this is a huge dealing for japan. that's why you hear so many in the crowd. this is the only park to successfully breed one of these penguins. >> sounds like he's on the red carpet with all the flash bulbs. >> i'm just getting happy feet looking at limb. >> a little messy, like dribble on his cheek. he needs a napkin. >> typical baby. a little messy. >> trying to sling it off.
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you saw him shake his head. >> yeah. ♪ by now you've heard about the sex scandal allegations that have rocked penn state's campus of a former penn state university football coach allegedly sexually abusing a number of victims. joe paterno, a long-time coach of the penn state nittany lions football team, 84 years old, most winningest coach ever has been quiet thus far in the investigation. avoided the media but last night after practice about 300 penn state students were at his home there to greet him in support. we're getting this video from the daily collegian penn state newspaper. joe came up to the window of his home and addressed the students that were there to greet him. >> there's been some criticism of the way we've handled some of the poor victims. we owe it to them to say a
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prayer for them. >> i hate to see joe in this position. he's been such a pillar. according to law and police, he did everything that he was supposed to do. >> always going to be penn state, regardless of what happens to certain people. that's all. on saturday, all right, beat nebraska. >> this video at least shows us that hey, the fans are saying, we're still behind you joe, we're still behind penn state football. >> we want joe. we want joe. >> and i want you! >> this is the classic case of what the bleep was she thinking. this right here is a gate, an automatic gate, that is closing. >> yeah. >> when you see a gate like this, you generally don't get in its way. >> right. going pretty slow, you know, pretty standard. don't see anything weird about this. >> except, this lady. >> she's -- what?
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>> oh, my god. oh, my. >> are you kidding me? >> how did that not cut her in half? >> exactly. and what the bleep was she thinking. she clearly walks up to this gate that is closing, it's more than halfway closed, and she proceeds to stand in the way. takes her time to put her bag down. she's talking to the people behind her. look at that. >> even when it first starts to touch her shoulder it's not moving so fast. i feel like she could have just got out of there. >> gone right back, right? i think -- >> oh, my gosh. looks like she got hurt too. >> really looks like she got hurt because when her colleagues see what happened, they opened the gate and she immediately falls into their hands and they lay her down on the ground, the other girl runs off to call for help and this person here in the yellow is staying there with her to aid her. >> poor girl. >> hope she's okay. >> what the bleep was she
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thinking. you know how they say a little child shall lead them. this 18-year-old girl has some advice that i think i know some grown men and women need to take. it's called, "how to get over a breakup from maya in the moment." >> tip number one, thank you. tip number two, move on. >> let it all out. then be bitter. then accept it and say i don't have time for you. "right this minute" via skype we have maya. how did you get so wise in figuring out a breakup? >> i was kind of going through it myself and i was like, you know, doing its unhealthy way, crying and bottling it up. i actually watched some youtube videos and got some ideas and i wanted to give those ideas out to people so that they don't, you know, go through a bad breakup. >> maya, you said your video caters to girls. >> i don't know.
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i've at girl. >> what about dudes? you don't think guys act the same way? >> i think they definitely do act the same way, but they conceal it better. >> there's a reason why women live longer than men and it's because we let our emotions out. as someone who had one or two breakups in her life, they're not that easy. >> i wonder how she would feel about that adage it takes half the time you were in the relationship to get over the breakup. >> i think that's an adage that only ladies know. i've never heard of that. >> how do you not know that? >> because guys move on right away. >> got to go right to the strip club. hey, don't forget that we have many more videos you can look at any time you want on and here's what's coming up next -- >> it's got all the makings of a big city riot. >> all hell is breaking loose. >> but is it?
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nope. it's a peek at the next "batman" movie. why are they kicking people dressed a certain kind of way out of this best buy store. >> best buy doesn't have a copyright on a blue shirt. >> this one is funny. see what all the blue shirts are about, next. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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♪ [ folksy whistling ]
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[ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ] this is one of those weird medical stories that will make you say what? >> a woman keeps a brave face as her legs grow out of control. floods drove the people out, but what about the dogs? see a mission of mercy in bangkok. and what if pranksters dressed like store employees. >> today's mission, all 80 of us will go into the store best buy wearing blue polo shirts and khaki pants. >> it all goes down at a major retailer and major hilarity
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ensu ensues. and one face, very different images. the simple trick to look better in photos. this is one of those weird medical stories that will make you just say like what. never seen anything like this. who we're seeing in these photos is mandy sellers of england. she looks pretty normal, right? >> yeah. >> we're only seeing her top half. >> oh! >> what? >> yes. >> what? >> those are mandy's legs. she suffers from something called prodius syndrome, named after the greek god prodius. the cause of this disease is unknown. it involves ait typical growth of bones, skin, or the head and a variety of other kind of strange symptoms. how it's affected her, her legs are, as you can see, gigantic. they weigh 70 pounds.
9:31 am
>> each? >> yes. >> oh, wow. >> her doctors told her her left leg was infected and they had to amputate it because it could possibly kill her. the craziest thing is, since the leg has been cut off, it's growing back. can't imagine she's growing a functioning leg. >> she said almost straight away the stump began increasing in circumference and she was finding it harder to fit the stump inside her prosthetic leg. i don't think the bone is necessarily growing larger, but i think just the mass of the leg is. since the leg has started to balloon back up again it now weighs 42 pounds and has a circumference of a meter. she's one of only 120 people around the world who suffer from this syndrome. >> there's nothing doctors can do. there's nothing they can do to slow these growths or reverse these growths. >> i would imagine since it's so
9:32 am
rare, 120 people around the globe, i would imagine there aren't many people doing research on something like this trying to find a way to treat it or cure it because there's so few people affected by it. >> when did she realize she had this? was it at birth? adult onset? >> something that affects you your entire life and she has been suffering from this disease since birth. >> there are a lot of stories about celebrities doing bad things. i have a story of a celebrity doing something really great. >> hello. i'm siena miller and offering off a selection of my clothes that i have worn over the years. with all the proceeds going to the international medical corps. >> what this organization does is basically goes into devastated areas like haiti or the congo or ethiopia and they provide health care and health care training so that the areas can move to a state of self-reliance. in order to help raise money for this group, she is a global ambassador for, she is having an on-line action at siena miller
9:33 am through november 17th where people can bid on so industry events and some of her everyday clothing she has chosen from her closet and some of her accessories. all of the money will go to benefit this organization. >> i know since the very first it time i heard about it, she's incredibly passionate about working with them. >> it would be fun to bid on something like that because i am all for supporting a celebrity when doing something like that. >> auctioning off the gowns is school. can't she think of something better than her old clotheses? >> they're not old by any means. >> if you're a fashion person you might get cool clothes and beyond that you mix in a lot of money. you know every dime is going to help other people. all hell is breaking loose on wall street. [ shouting ] >> oh! this is an occupy wall street. this is more of a "batman be"
9:34 am
kind of craze. >> this is what that is. this is a scene in the next "batman" movie "dark night rising." and this is, obviously, a battle in new york city between the good and the bad guys. what else do we have? some bat mobiles. >> three of them. >> what's interesting is, that product placement for charles schwab. i don't know if they are product placement for the movie or just happen to be on that window, but they're getting some serious signage in what's going to probably be one of the biggest movies of the next year. >> what's interesting to me, they're using real people. you know, i just automatically think now in today's movie world, everything is cgi, they have like five extras and multiply them to look like a mob of people. looks like there's 200 people out there. >> are you sure this isn't occupy wall street? >> i am positive. what gave it away for me was the bat mobile, all three of them. >> i wonder how they feel about
9:35 am
all these leaked scenes. >> in my neighbor's house and i can see it in my yard, christian bale is in the backyard of my house. >> the dark night rises script is going to include some sort of occupy wall street fight. >> there will be some sort of symbolic mention of occupy wall street. bangkok region of thailand has been dealing with tremendous floodwaters for more than three weeks now. it has large-scale evacuations of people, but what gets left behind is a lot more than just property. people are not allowed to bring their pets. but the dog foundation is helping out. found a dog who's petrified and exhausted. sort of hung up in the bushes here. they're trying to scoop him up with a net, but he's scared so he's biting back. here to tell us more about the story dog foundation, "right
9:36 am
this minute" is marcelo, director of the u.s. region. >> a shelter that handles permanent population around 300 dogs. we are one of the largest foundations in asia that helps specifically dogs. >> what happens to these dogs in bangkok after you rescue them from the flood? >> we will return most of the dogs to their regional and familiar places, say the neighborhood, a place close to their -- where they used to live, they get familiar where they get the food, the shelter. if the dog has any identification we will try our best to reunit the dog with the family. >> describe to us what we're seeing going on here on the bridge. >> we built this temporary shelter so we go every day, with boats, food, medicine, some of the dogs need to be taken for injuries, so we take them to the clinic. as soon as the water will go down, of course we're going to start taking back the dogs to
9:37 am
their original places and come back to original function of the bridge. >> as the boat comes up you see the dogs tails start wagging, they all seem to understand what's going on. >> want to go there with like 100 tennis balls and play fetch all day. >> if you want to see more about the dog rescue go to and click on my page and find a link to the story and a full lengths documentary. this prius driver is revved up. >> got that much. >> the inconvenient truth about this parking lot showdown. and scoobby snacks or bank rolls? >> we know which one she's going to choose. going to choose food over money. >> the expensive taste of this adopted dog. [ screaming ]
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[ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state.
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pretty intense argument gets a little hostile in a parking lot and it seems to be over green energy? >> i'm just asking you to be polite and courteous and you guys aren't willing to. that's all. >> i backed up. i backed up. >> wind is blowing in this direction. >> what i can gather from this argument the people in the truck, it's a couple there with their child, they have their car running. this lady in the prius and glasses has a problem with them waiting there. >> she went over for a quiet moment. you got a diesel engine it is
9:41 am
going to make noise and disturb people. >> you come up here with your gas guzzling piece of [ bleep ]. >> hey. don't swear in front of my daughter. >> you can't swear in front of somebody's kid like that. >> i love this. i really do. i love that she's going so bonkers and all i can think of that i would do is just sit there and look at her and press the gas. >> she didn't approach its right way, but if you're someone who buys a prius and spends the money to get a car that's environmentally friendly you have to be conscious about the environment. >> i recycle. >> same here. >> go green, thumb's up. >> it's not her parking lot. she's not entitled to yell at everybody who has a diesel engine. >> all she should say is you're polluting the air, i don't like it. >> what do you guys think, just head over to and tell us if you side with the truck guy or prius lady. >> you got to make that much pollution, is it your right?
9:42 am
>> bull dog snoring while dude messes with him. >> the bull dog. ♪ >> with the oncoming holiday season, a lot of people are going to be going into best buy stores. what would happen if this prank happened while you were in the store? >> today's mission, all 80 of us will go into the store best buy wearing blue polo shirts and khaki pants. >> oh cool. >> improv everywhere causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places. >> don't you say work there but if a customer asks you for help
9:43 am
and you can do it, do it. if an employee asks you what's going on, say you don't know anyone else and it's a coincidence you're wearing their same store uniform. >> i love the people there, old people, a girl that looks like she's 12. >> a guy that looks like santa claus. >> employees are starting to pick up, more employees than normal. >> call 911. >> over some people in some blue polo shirts. >> generally because i'm wearing the same clothes you're wearing? >> you can ask these people to leave but we're not going to arrest anybody. >> best buy doesn't have a copyright on a blue polo shirt. >> you can look like you're wearing the best buy sweater today. >> right. >> you better watch out, if you go into best buy they're going to call the cops on you. >> kick them out. >> put yourself in the position of the workers and the managers. you have products that are known to be stolen. wouldn't that trigger a red
9:44 am
flag. >> the best buy uniform prank is one of the top trending videos on youtube. if you want to watch the entire video go to listen to this guy. >> you are a factory of sadness! >> i'll see you some day. >> time for a football fan rant. all photos, same model, same makeup, same position. >> nothing changed but [ bleep ]. >> one small change can make the difference between beauty and the -- you know.
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it's another dismal season for the cleveland browns. they're in last place in the division. they haven't been in the playoffs in close to ten years. they just got worked by the houston texans over the weekend. after the game, this guy had a little message for the cleveland franchise. >> ten miserable games a year including two preseason games i have to pay for and one [ bleep ] kenny chesney concert. do you understand it's statistically harder for a team to be this consistently bad than it is for them to occasionally accidentally be good. you are a factory of sadness! i'll see you sunday. >> i am going to start using "factory of sadness" in my daily lingo. >> this is one of our producers at "right this minute," you're a browns fan. >> yeah. >> you relate with this gentleman? >> absolutely. this is the 200 game and we have
9:48 am
not been to the postseason in 11 years since we've been back. >> the product inside yes. >> who are the browns? i don't get the browns? >> paul brown. >> like calling your team the cleveland troutman. >> fish on the helmet? >> yeah. coming to a factory of sadness near you. this is a video submitted by one of our viewers. she unloaded it at >> what do you want? what do you want? what are you trying to get? >> this is kubrick. he's begging for a treat. look what the treat is? >> 20 bucks. >> more than 20 bucks. >> plural. >> wow. >> come on, we know which one she's going to choose. she's going to choose food over money. >> what do you think kubrick is going to choose? >> go for the money. >> obviously she's excited about the money. >> money. >> let's see.
9:49 am
>> what? >> kubrick stole the money out of the hand over food. this is a couple of 20 dollar bills. they try to get the 20 dollar bills back from kubrick. >> kubrick, drop it, drop it. drop it. >> drop it. >> expensive dog treats. >> we have kubrick's owner jaden alexander with us right this minute via skype. how did you find out kubrick likes money and particularly 20 dollar bills or higher? >> my boyfriend and i are always giving money back and forth to each other, and she usually doesn't care. one day i gave him a large sum of money and she just jumped up and bit it and took it. we can see if she does anything. >> perfect! >> want it? there. she's taking it. >> we love your dog kubrick. >> thank you. we got her at the oakland animal shelter and so we don't know what kind of interesting life
9:50 am
she had in oakland before she came to us. but maybe she was in some kind of, you know, street business. >> kubrick, drop it. drop it. >> if you've got a story you would like to share with us go to our website and upload a video and kubrick recommends it. >> see you putting your makeup on. >> yeah. >> do you think you have a better side to have your picture taken from? >> absolutely. >> uh-huh. >> you all think you look better in some pictures or the same? >> i don't know which side is my best side but there are pictures i would never want to be seen by the public. >> some of us say it's all in the in the lighting that's what makes us look good. >> it's true. even eastwood has -- he's a photographer and says it's not all in the lighting. it's all in the lens. take a look at this series of pictures. >> oh. >> the girl on the left is the same girl all the way through. same girl, same lighting, same pose. >> same makeup. >> 350 millimeter lens on the
9:51 am
left looks good, doesn't she? >> yeah. >> as the lens gets shorter look what happens to her face. notice anything? >> wow. it gets wider. >> looks like it's being elongated. >> hundred millimeters now. starting to look a little different. >> her nose starts looking larger. >> crooked too. like a curve on it. >> look at the 50 millimeter lens now. >> wow. her face starts looking like her hair line looks further back. >> right. look at the 35 millimeter. >> wow. >> the wider lens, 24 millimeter. >> oh. >> and finally the 19 millimeter. >> wow. >> isn't that interesting? >> she didn't move where she's located, the angle of the camera, nothing changed but the lens? >> but the lens. glass and focal length of the lens. interesting? next time you have your picture taken are you going to ask the photographer what kind of lens he's using. >> it's not going to be on 19 milli meter.
9:52 am
>> want to study the pictures yourself? go to come up with a really creative drawing in ten seconds. not so easy. cute kids prove creativity doesn't come quickly. >> do they need a study to prove if you have more t [ female announcer ] when something isn't right,
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if you're eligible for medicare, you only have until december 7th to switch to anthem blue cross. so call anthem today at 1-855-born2bwild. that's 1-855-267-6229. did you ever do any track and field in high school? >> maybe for like five minutes. >> i always wanted to pulley vault. looked fun and also dangerous. ♪ >> not only does he not make the vault, he doesn't get over the bar, and he holds on to the pole and gets flicked. >> looks like it's not even a bar up there, some cord or string or something. must be like some safety cord or whatever. >> probably a training thing so he doesn't keep knocking the bar over. >> looks like the string got wrapped around his waist.
9:56 am
i'm surprised his whole thing didn't come out. >> watch the lack of urgency on the coach. she's like oh. you just got owned. >> or he does this all the time, you know, and the coach is like oh there goes billy again, getting wrapped up in the safety cord. >> come on you can do it. no. oh. maybe pole vaulting shouldn't be your letter sport. >> yeah. creative magazine which is a leading hungarian magazine about advertising, marketing, communication and media, made this pretty cool youtube video. ♪ they rounded up who they say are the world's most talented people, this group of young students. ♪ so after ten seconds, their
9:57 am
drawings look standard. how much can you draw in ten seconds, right? ♪ >> look at all the creative stuff this group of kids came up with. ♪ >> this one is a sunflower, one on a cat's nose. this one is on a hand. ♪ >> so this proves the point that you know in order to get some cool, creative new stuff you can't rush people. you've got to give them time. >> i love they use kids. what a great fun project for these kids. do they need a study to prove if you have more time you're going to be more creative. >> i can see their client's point. time is money. >> hour. if they're taking way too much time, sometimes there's a balance. >> happy medium. that's all you have to find. everything in moderation. ♪
9:58 am
that's going to do it for today's show. we're so glad you joined us and we're going to leave you with one last look at the air force academy's performance of "i'm sexy and i know it." have a great day, everybody. >> go air force. ♪ ♪ fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember,
9:59 am
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